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Maintenance Management

As a Manufacturer, it is crucial to prevent or even predict any downtime of your production. Alarm management standards state that a person should receive a maximum of one alarm per minute and an average of 300 alarms per console per day in order to effectively monitor the state of the factory. In most factories the amount of daily alarms is higher.

Maintenance Manager is the tool for maintenance and production to provide real-time information in context about the status & condition of the manufacturing units. The alarms & status dashboard will provide overview and will help the decision-making process. Beside that the Maintenance Manager will provide information to plan and execute proactive maintenance to reduce alarms and downtime.

Maintenance Manager is one of our solutions and provides:

  • Collect : Extract & store the relevant maintenance data
  • Visualize : Real-time alarms with prioritising and reason
  • Analyse : Provides tools & dashboards to learn
  • Improve : Prevent direct downtime and predict maintenance based on facts & figures


  • Monitoring on factory level reduces labour time (reduce walk-around-the-factory)
  • Real-time centralized monitoring makes it possible to act in present and reduce downtime
  • Central collection of maintenance data facilitates preventive and predictive maintenance
  • Prioritising and alarm definitions will help maintenance with decision-making
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