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LSH Series Standard Linear Guide

LSH Series Standard Linear Guide

Product Features

1. With self-adjustment ability

X-shaped(45°45°) of curved groove on cross section design makes it self-aligning. Even small misalignment exists on the mounting surface, this design can help absorb it and maintain high precision smooth and stable linear motion.

2. High rigidity equal load on four direction design

The 45degree contact angle design of the four rows of steel balls and the raceway allow the steel balls to achieve the ideal two point contact and can withstand the action and reaction force from the radial and lateral direction. Meanwhile preload can be applied to increase extra rigidity if necessary.

3. Interchangeable

Because of the strict control on manufacturing process the dimensional accuracy is stable and within the set tolerance. Besides the ball retainer design can prevent steel balls from falling out. Therefore when assembling blocks are interchangeable within the same spec and still maintain consistency of preload and accuracy.