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Upgrade Control Automation System of Performing Machines

Industry: Automotive
Brands: Mitsubishi
Case Number: TH-0009 (PM-10)
Solution: Automation & Control

Problem Statement

It is the one of our expertise to offer our customer in Thailand. The machines were used Mitsubishi discontinued PLC and SERVO system. We offer the latest Mitsubishi’s system to keep the customer’s machines in functions.


We provided new model of Mitsubishi-PLC Melsec Q and servo motor MRJ4 to replace the old one, also provided the engineering support, wiring & installation, programming and machine commissioning.

Customer’s Feedback

After the machine was replaced to new Mitsubishi PLC and Servo system. It works well as before. The customer could find the spare part very easy and can prevent the unnecessary machine’s downtime.

Success Stories TH-0009
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