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NHV Network Signal Tower


Product Features

●Supports various network protocols. Immediately reports events and abnormalities of network devices and systems with light, sound, and voice.
●Supports secure protocols such as HTTPS, SNMP v3, SSH. Secure communication with peace of mind.
●This unit is equipped with a “Text to Speech (TTS)” function that converts text data to voice. Text information can be converted to voice and registered, and voice notification can be performed in real time by command control.
●Equipped with an SNMP device monitoring function in addition to dead/alive monitoring by PING monitoring. When the MIB information of the network device is actively acquired and the set conditions are met, the administrator is notified immediately by light and sound.
●Mail Reception Detection (NHV-M only) The NHV-M unit accesses the mail server and will light up or play a message when emails that meet preset conditions are received.

●Voice notification. Combine pre-defined messages and input settings to convey detailed information.
●Broadcast to the entire building using the LINE OUT terminal that can be connected to broadcasting equipment such as PA system, amplifiers or external speakers.
●Supports PoE power supply (NHV-DP only)

【Model Features】
NHV (Standard model):
i. The basic NHV series model.
ii. High network security.

NHV-DP (DP model): NHV-D plus PoE power capability.
Using a PoE switch enables installation with reduced wiring.(IEEE802.3at compliant)

NHV-M (M model): The basic model is equipped with an e-mail detection function.
Light, sound, and voice prevent overlooking important emails when they arrive.