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Industrial Transformation Asia Pacific 2019 - PATLITE


In continuing the partnership with PATLITE since last year Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC 2018, Pumas Automation & Robotics was invited for the second time to participate in ITAP 2019 held in Singapore from 22-24 October 2019 to demonstrate on FAS Solutions – [PATLITE Wireless Data Acquisition System] in this event as transformation initiative that leading for Industry 4.0.


This Wireless Data Acquisition system is revolutionary, low cost, IIOT add-on allowing PATLITE Signal Tower to collect, process and store machines data to seamlessly acquire predicting maintenance, identifying bottlenecks and Overall Equipment Effectiveness OEE. An easy IoT wireless real-time monitoring system to introduce production improvement in term of availability and efficiency.

WD receiver acts as a data bridge between transmitters and PCs. These network solutions are not designed only to deliver superior visual and audible signals but also make it easy to collect critical machine data through the signal tower that easily install on equipment. Maximum 30 transmitters can be connected to the single receiver wirelessly allowing a user to have Data Acquisition System in the production floor.