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Partnership With Mitsubishi e-F@ctory Alliance

The worldwide industries are facing a major turning point dubbed as the fourth industrial revolution. A new wave of technological change is sweeping across the global manufacturing sector where digitalization and new technologies such as Industrial Internet Of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics aim at improving data connectivity and achieving process efficiency.

In an increasingly competitive and rapid changing manufacturing environment, the e-F@ctory Alliance provides an open environment in which customers can select the best partners for their needs. Mitsubishi is building an ecosystem for all partners to come together and co-create solutions in the smart manufacturing industry to provide total solutions for complex manufacturing needs. Each partner is an expert in their field and can deliver effective solutions quickly and efficiently.

Pumas/FAS signed a Partnership Agreement with Mitsubishi as an e-F@ctory Alliance partner at the inaugural ceremony held at Shangri-La Hotel. As a Mitsubishi alliance partner, Pumas/FAS will receive regular support and updates on new products. Besides, we will also receive support in terms of promotional material, exhibition material and demo units as well. Pumas/FAS could capitalize on support from Mitsubishi to hasten the progress towards providing standard platforms on the robotics system and data acquisitions in achieving IIOT and ride on this Fourth Industrial Revolution.