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Pumas implements Production Performance Manager Successful

One of the valued manufacturing customers of Pumas Automation & Robotics had a great need for more transparency of the production process and real-time production information. Pumas got the opportunity to implement the solution Production Performance Manager based on the ANDON principles.

In manufacturing ‘time is money’ and downtime even more. In competitive markets like the automotive it is important to shorten time-to-market, improve operational efficiency and optimize cost. Technology is one of the answers to keep at least a step ahead of competitor.

Customer Journey

One of our loyal customers in Indonesia took action and started to research what are the latest Smart Factory and Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) has to offer. With that information the customers management team prepared the industrial automation roadmap. The first priority is to provide real-time and transparent production information to support the production, maintenance and quality departments.

From that moment, the solution team of Pumas Indonesia came on board to offer consultation and translate the customer requirements into the solution concept. After the concept was accepted by customer, our Pumas solution team convert the functional concept into the system architecture with the selection of cutting-edge technology. The customer was satisfied and authorized Pumas Indonesia work from design phase into implementation phase.

Project: ANDON Manager

Pumas scope is to setup the IIOT Platform for real-time monitoring of the production not only in the factory, but also from office. Pumas prepared the current machines to be IIOT-Ready and install the sensorization and the communication network for the data collection.

The Pumas solution team unburden the customer by delivering consultation and taking responsibility for the overall project implementation. During the implementation, our solution team prepared the planning for the project execution in close cooperation with the customer project team to avoid any possibility of disturbing the production process.

Result & Benefits

The customer is reporting the first results to management and has for the first real-time measurement of the performance for the production. The customer is now able to analyse the relevant data and able to act now with decision-making based on facts & figures to improve his efficiency.

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