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You are here:Home/Applications By Brand/Panasonic/Controlling lamination of black rubber

Controlling lamination of black rubber

Applicable Product: Laser Displacement Sensor Industry: Automotive Task: Measurement

Applicable Product: Laser Displacement Sensor
Industry: Automotive
Task: Measurement


We would like to control a length of an overlapped part in the laminating process of black rubber which is a material for tires. In addition, we would like to control dislocation by checking a thickness at two places on the right and left side. Rolling speed of a material is too fast for other companies’ sensors to get precise data. Since the material is black rubber, the amount of reflective light is little, which can cause an error.










Possible to response high speed of rolling objects
With the fastest sampling rate in the industry of 100us, the sensors can deal with high-speed rolling objects. The programmed data can raise its precision by increasing average cycles

Analog output for two heads
Since two sensor heads connected to one controller individually output analog current and voltage, it is possible to check states of two places. In addition, a computation function allows a calculation of a gap between two places, and you can check dislocation.

Data management is possible with a special software HL-C1AiM
Being equipped with RS-232C communication function, data management is possible with external equipment by communication . It is possible to analyze programmed data and check waveform on a screen by using HL-C1AiM